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Resto Druid Level 85 PVE Builds

Posted on: Dec 14, 2010 | Author: Garona

Restoration Druid Builds

As a restoration druid you may already know very well how flexible a healers talent build can be. Many people adapt and play with their talents builds as restoration in order to fulfill their specific needs. This post will guide you few some of the build choices available and what they are used for.

Resto 10/0/31

This build concentrates on raid healing duties with some tank support. The main abilities this build boosts are Rejuvenation and Regrowth as well as heavily concentrating on mana regen. This build is a good choice when you are raid healing as a resto druid but may be considered a little weaker in heroics or for tank healing. It is also a good choice if you are having mana issues.

Resto 8/0/33

This build is more balanced between raid healing and tank healing but does not provide any mana regen. It is best to use this build if you do not suffer from mana issues in intensive encounters. If you are comfortable with your mana this build is excellent to provide an all round healing experience but does not include magic dispelling capabilities.

Resto 7/0/34

This build is also recommend for players who are not currently suffering mana issues. This build is balanced to provide both raid healing and tank healing abilities but with no personal mana regen. However, this build does include the raid mana regen buff Revitalise as well as adding Magic dispel to your remove corruption ability. This makes this build perfect for raids where the balance of classes is uncertain in every raid.

Resto 8/2/31

This build has a strong mana regen focus but sacrifices useful extra abilities such as magic dispel and Nature’s Swiftness.

Resto 8/2/31Recommended Starting Build

This build cuts back on some of the talents that have a smaller impact in order to create a build that provides aspects of raid healing, heroic healing, raid utility and some mana regen. It a great starting point if you are unsure what would be most suitable for your restoration druid yet and is an all round good build for most situations.

Which Build is Best?

None of these builds should be considered best of them all. Some people may prefer a slightly different arrangement of talent points to suit their healing style or their guild healing needs. If you are just starting out, I recommend you start off with theĀ  Resto 8/2/31 build and then tweak it as you discover what you need out of your resto druid. Unlike DPS classes who have a clear set path for maximising damage, healing is much more complex and individual so don’t be afraid to test out your build and change a few point locations.

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  • MoonraNo Gravatar says:

    I’d like to suggest a small tweak on the 8/2/31 starter build

    remove one point from GotEM and add it to nature’s bounty for simple reasons:

    in heroics you’ll rarely drop a LB stack cause of Malfurion’s gift so the ‘bloom’ effect doesn’t need 15% extra, even with only 10% it should heal more than a non-crit HT

    and in heroics you’ll also rarely cast Rejuv because your gear level might not allow such mana cost

    20% extra crit on RG will be worth a lot more, simply because RG is the lowest healing fast heal of all fast heals (hence it nearly always needs to crit to be worth something). 20% extra crit will also mean 20% extra Living seed uptime from RG (= even more healing)
    and last but deff not least, IF you do get crits on NR/HT to have an inc chance to push the SM cooldown = more Effy-luv!

    (remember kids, RG is very expensive, use your OoC procs wisely!)


  • MoonraNo Gravatar says:

    When looking further at the other builds I have to ask a few more questions:

    The first two builds seem to have only one link (always a 10/0/31) and it does not include naturalist. I’m not sure if that’s a good choice because even when raidhealing you’re going to cast more that you’d like

    the third build (8/0/33) does not include ToL? Every build needs ToL because you’ll use it in every single progress fight (you should, more than ones even)

    also don’t forget to talk with your guild before dropping your magic dispel talent, it’s optional for every single healing class and you don’t want to find out that nobody has it in your raid when dispelling is top priority


  • PVE RoguesNo Gravatar says:

    Heya moonra :P

    Ill have a look through them all again later on today and sort this out :) Thanks


  • GaronaNo Gravatar says:

    Okay Ive gone through it today and fixed the problems. You can tell I was half asleep when I wrote this post lol. The second one has had it’s link to fixed to the nearest possible talent build I could remember that fit the criteria.

    I’m keeping Naturalist out of the first build as it’s meant to be that way i.e. purely raid healing assuming everyone else is look after tanks and you can get by with lifebloom and rejuv to help out. Obviously if you find you use this more often than not then by all means change your own build accordingly :P

    The third build was a pure error, it should have had tol in it facepalm to me :( Fixed now.

    Finally im keeping the 8/2/31 starter build as it is purely because this is the elitist jerks recommended build so it need to be in here somewhere. :)

    For those of you who are interested in learning more about Moonra’s talent build choices you can check them all out over here btw:


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