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Fast Ways on Power Leveling on WOW

Posted on: Mar 08, 2012 | Author: admin

You want to level tons as fast as you can and be able to enjoy all that end game content where the real fun begins in World Of Warcraft. Looking for a fast leveling guide can really be a headache simple because of all the junk found online about WoW these days, much of which is completely outdated.

I am sure you have seen the written power leveling guides which provide some pretty good information but it is just a pain to have to keep switching back and forth from the game to a guide that you have to read to figure out what to do next in the game.

The cool thing these days is that there are some really great in-game programs that are completely legal to use and can serve as the fast leveling guide you are probably looking to use.

The key to these in-game guides is the use of the questing systems put in place by Blizzard that reward players with large blocks of experience when completed. These guides are designed with power leveling in mind and they usually work as advertised.

Most of the top programs start off by detecting your race so they know what starting area you will be in and kick the guide off at that point. New updates also allow you to use these in game leveling guides with toons you have been using already and it is because Blizzard is now allowing these programs to read the quests you have completed and recommend a starting point at your current level.

It really is not that hard to level a ton fast in WoW these days because of the programs you can install just like a addon and begin power leveling.


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  • Leveling via quests provides you with both gold and experience and when done correctly it can speed leveling
    dramatically, turning a leveling grind into a leveling breeze.
    Doing the quests together or running instances together can help you
    both to gain experience, complete a quest and help you climb to a higher level faster.
    Check out your quest log and complete any quests written in green.


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