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The Guide For Shaman Warcraft

Posted on: Feb 22, 2012 | Author: admin

When choosing to create a character to play in World of Warcraft, many players the Shaman. However, it is a very important class since it’s a hybrid class, adept at numerous tasks. The Warcraft Shaman Guide is a valuable introduction to those interested in the Shaman class.

The Warcraft Shaman guide initially reviews the three talent trees the Shaman is allowed to use. Every tree offers incredibly unique skill sets. Talent trees are regarded as the heart of the Shaman class, with every tree contributing to leveling in its own way. Certain trees are better for soloing, while others are great for groups.

The Enhancement talent tree has the advantage of minimal downtown and high delivery damage. But since melee fighting is involved, the damage received will also be high. Initially this can be very frustrating, but once the shaman levels up, a weapon called the maelstrom becomes available to provide instant heals. The maelstrom aids in balancing the damage that is received to a large degree.

The purpose of the Elemental talent tree is ranged fighting. This tree focuses on natural damage, such as using lightning effectively. Regrettably for some players, this causes a larger amount of downtime because of the high level of mana that is needed. A shaman from the elemental talent tree can support raids and groups, but making it exceptionally more important is the burst damage per second (DPS) that it is able to deliver. Only the Elemental Shaman possesses the power to cast Totem of Wrath and Elemental Oath, making other casters envious of them.

The third talent tree is Restoration. This tree doesn’t level up a Shaman very quickly because it only permits minor damage output enhancements, which makes leveling up or solo Player vs. Environment more monotonous than it should be. This trees advanced capability for survival is its ideal situation making it very important for leveling up in groups. Restoration is the Shaman’s claim to fame allowing them to best be utilized in groups as healers.

Shamans may now take the races of Ironforge Dwarf and Goblin. This is a new feature to the Cataclysm expansion. Additionally, the Shaman will be able to learn Primal Strike as early as Level 3. This facilitates leveling as an Enhancement Shaman. If you are searching for a fun class to play try playing the Enhancement Shaman.

Once the Shaman reaches level 81 they gain the Unleash Elements Skills, which releases weapon enchant powers including Flametongue, Windfury and Earthliving weapons. The Shaman can also use Healing Rain at Level 83. It takes two seconds to cast, lasts for ten seconds and has a ten second cooldown. Healing Rain has a thirty yard range and heals every single player within the selected range. When affecting many targets the returns are diminished just as in the case of area of effect damage spells.


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