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Restoration Shaman – PVE Healing Jin’Do the Godbreaker in Zul’Gurub

Posted on: Jul 12, 2011 | Author: Savoire

Restoration Shaman – PVE Healing Jin’Do the Godbreaker

Now that you’ve killed the other four bosses, your party will be able to move into the area where Jin’Do resides.  If you haven’t done so yet, it is useful to kill Gub who is on a bridge on the way to Jin’Do.  If anyone in your group has to run back in from the start, the easiest way is to run through the starting area and go left along Gub’s bridge.

Before the Fight

Your group should kill the two big adds, called Gurubashi Spirit Warriors, on the stairs leading up to the Jin’Do boss platform.  These will do the Body Slam technique giving you a foretaste of the boss mechanic.  The mobs will leave a void zone, which doubles the damage taken by any player or mob in the zone.

It looks like a large dark purple-black circle on the floor.  It increases damage taken by any party member or enemy by 100%.  If the tank can position mobs in the void zone without standing in it, they will go down quicker.  Some low health spirit adds may also spawn from the void zone.  They should be killed quickly.

Jin’Do the Godbreaker – Phase One

The Jin’Do fight occurs in two phases.  The first phase is deceptively easy.  Jin’Do is in the real world in this phase and the tank can start anywhere while the dps hit him.

Jin’Do will then cast a Deadzone, which looks a lot like a death knight’s Anti-Magic Zone ability.  When players stand in it, it reduced magic damage.  It also greatly increases casting time.

After Jin’Do casts Deadzone, he will then cast Shadows of Hakkar.  The entire group will need to be in the Deadzone to survive the Shadows of Hakkar.  Jin’Do should not stay in the Deadzone with the players.

Jin’Do the Godbreaker – Phase Two

After a while, Jin’Do will shift to the spirit world.  The fight becomes much harder here, especially for healers who have a hard time healing on the run, such as restoration shamans.

You will see three chains.  The chains are attached to the spirit of Hakkar who is trapped on the platform.  To defeat Jin’Do, the group will have to break the three chains.

The chains shouldn’t be attacked until one of the Gurubashi Spirit Warriors uses a Body Slam on the player standing on the chain.  The tank will need to pick up a Spirit and bring him to the platform.  The Spirit will target a random player for his Body Slam.  If each player is by a chain, the Spirit will be tricked into Body Slamming the chain.  He will also leave a void zone which will cause damage to anyone who stands in it and will thereby increase the damage done to the chain by 100%.

The chain should then be attacked.  All dps players need break the chain as quickly as possible.  Melee dps can stay out of the void zone if possible until it fades, otherwise they will need some extra healing, and the ranged dps assigned to focus on the Twisted Spirits will need to keep at it, so they don’t overwhelm the healer.

The hard part about the fight for the healer is the Twisted Spirits.  They have low health but their numbers increase as the fight goes on, which can quickly overwhelm the group.  These need to be killed as quickly as possible.  It’s useful to have one or two ranged dps on the Twisted Spirits to protect the healer. The healer should stay close to the tank so he can grab aggro on the Twisted Spirits should they not be killed fast enough.

The last mechanic to be aware of is Shadow Spike.  A white circle will appear where a player is standing.  The player needs to move or they will take a lot of damage.  If you are trying to stay close to a chain – as you should be – avoid the Shadow Spike by moving around the chain rather than strafing away.

Healing Tips

The tank will be moving a lot throughout this fight but he shouldn’t be taking loads of damage.  Try to stay within range of him while maintaining your position near a chain that still needs to be Bodyslammed and avoiding the Shadow Spike.

There will be a lot of damage for the party in Phase 2.  People be hurt from the Body Slam, they might get hit from a Shadow Spike or damaged from the Twisted Spirits.  There are a few line of sight and range issues with some low walls in the boss area, so be aware both for healing and for running – if you’re stuck, you’re probably running against a low wall.

Surviving the Twisted Spirits

This is the key for a healer.  The Twisted Spirits must be killed quickly by one or two ranged dps.  The quicker they are killed, the easier the fight is.

About the time the third chain is going to go down, the Twisted Spirits may become overwhelming.   Do everything you can to stay alive.  Hopefully, your ranged dps will be killing them and slowing them so you can keep healing.

During the hardest part of the fight, everyone should use their cooldowns, healthstones, potions, and every possible trick to survive and get the last chain down.

Healing the Jin’Do Fight as a Restoration Shaman

This fight is very hard for restoration shamans.  However, we have a few tricks that can help us survive, even if our ranged dps players aren’t keeping the Twisted Spirits off us well enough.

Resto shamans wear mail armor and usually carry a shield.  That means we can take some more damage than our cloth and leather wearing counterparts.  Don’t panic if you have a few Twisted Spirits on you.

Have your Elementals ready to go.  The Earth Elemental is particularly good at protecting you until the Twisted Spirits overwhelm him.  The Fire Elemental works pretty well too.  If you can wait to use either – or both – of them until the last chain needs to go down, you can stand in position near the chain and place the totems to protect you while you heal.

Other useful totems are the Spirit Link Totem to help evenly distribute health and the Earthbind Totem to slow the Twisted Spirits.  The Stoneclaw Totem, if it is glyphed, will also provide added protection to help you survive.

Healing on the run is key here.  Use Earthshield on yourself if you need it or on the tank so you can run and leave him with some extra heals.  Nature’s Swiftness provides an instant heal and Spiritwalker’s Grace allows you to heal while moving.  Don’t forget Riptide and Unleash Elements for more healing and running.

Save Bloodlust/Heroism for the last chain.  It will help you heal faster and assist the dps in taking the last chain down.  If you are overwhelmed with Twisted Spirits and there is one chain left to go, use your Ankh to resurrect yourself and help the group finish free Hakkar.

Once you are done, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you’ve completed Zul’Gurub.  It’s significantly harder than the other Cataclysm heroics and comparable in difficulty to Zul’Aman.


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