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Patch 4.0.1 Glyphs and Reforging for Rogues

Posted on: Oct 14, 2010 | Author: Garona

Glyphs Explained in Patch 4.0.1

Right now everything is being argued over, theorycrafters are gouging each other’s eyes out with an ice scream scoop called “math” while others are stabbing “combat log” shivs into their backs. So with everyone humming about this latest patch what have they said about glyphs? Well, it seems Glyphs is the one topic everyone is avoiding! Trawling through the Elitist Jerks 4.0.1 Rogue Guide yielded little results and when it was questioned the post was promptly ignored several times throughout the thread. So it seems for now we are very much on our own when it comes to Glyphs.

Changes to Glyph Mechanics

The way we use glyphs in WoW has changed a lot in Patch 4.0.1 and it’s worth taking note of these changes. First of all we now have 3 tiers of glyphs to use. Where we use to have either Major or Minor Glyphs to choose from we now have Prime, Major and Minor glyphs.

Secondly, once you have learned a glyph you can then use that glyph indefinitely using your Glyph tab (in the Talents window “n”). This means you will no longer need to stack glyphs in your bags to change out per encounter. Once you have learned a glyph it will remain in your Glyph book to use or switch out with others as and when you need them. So, if you are thinking about using a particular glyph for one certain encounter make sure you learn the glyph and you will be able to pop it in a space when you need it and then remove it again afterwards without losing the glyph if you need it in future too.

You will however need to purchase [Vanishing Powder] in order to replace glyphs which can be purchased from an Inscription Vendor for just 32 silver per 5. You only need to have some of this in your bags for it to work, when you click on a new glyph over an old one to replace it, you will see a pop up box asking if you are sure you want to do this and it will cost exactly 1 Vanishing Powder to do so. Click yes and viola, job done. You can view how many powders you have through the Glyph tab on the bottom right hand side.

So far Aldriana recommends the following Prime Glyphs for rogues but unfortunately has not mentioned any Major Glyphs:

Combat Prime Glyphs

[Glyph of Sinister Strike]

[Glyph of Adrenaline Rush]

[Glyph of Rupture]

Mutilate Prime Glyphs

[Glyph of Mutilate]

[Glyph of Backstab]

[Glyph of Rupture]

Other Glyphs to Consider

These are not yet set in stone so be prepared for the recommended glyphs to change at any time. However, you may also wish to consider alternatives to these glyphs. For example, if you are a combat rogue and you are optimising your build for target switching type fights you may not be using Rupture, Mutilate rogues with low haste may also wish to drop rupture for now. Therefore you may wish to consider replacing your Rupture glyph for:

Combat Glyphs: [Glyph of Revealing Strike] or [Glyph of Killing Spree]

Mutilate Glyphs: [Glyph of Vendetta]

Major Glyphs

No definite information about major glyphs has been stated as of yet. So it’s up to us to flesh out a good glyph combo.

[Glyph of Tricks of the Trade]
If you have the two piece Tier 10 set bonus stay away from this glyph. This glyph simply reduces the energy cost of your Tricks ability whereas the Two Piece Tier 10 set bonus not only removes it entirely but also gives you 15 energy. Using this glyph in conjunction with the two piece bonus would simply mean your tricks does less damage. If you happen not to have it, then it could be a good glyph for you to use although it is highly recommended you obtain the two piece set bonus instead.

[Glyph of Blade Flurry] (Combat Only)
For combat rogues this looks like an excellent choice for a major glyph slot. Blade flurry, while it has a reduced cool down is now completely useless for single target encounters but will be used frequently with multiple targets. This will be quite handy for trash, leveling up and multiple mobs in general during boss encounters allowing you to use Blade Flurry much more freely and not just when you have AR or KS free.

[Glyph of Expose Armor] (Probably Mutilate only)
Mutilate rogues with talents in Improved Expose Armor may find this glyph useful. Typically only rogues who suffer from a lack of Prot Warriors in raids would consider this talent but if they do this glyph is the perfect partner for you.

[Glyph of Fan of Knives]
This glyph while at first glance may seem good for multiple targets, may in fact be a bit of a waste of time. Unlike previously where this glyph increased Fan of Knives damage it now simply increases the radius of your Fan of Knives ability. Since the Fan of Knives ability is still 8 yards and this is often ample enough for most situations it may cause you more trouble than anything else when it becomes 12 yards. This remains to be seen however but if you do put this glyph on make sure you get used to it’s new larger radius and don’t go pulling unwanted mobs on your adventures!

[Glyph of Sprint]
This glyph seems to be wonderful for both combat and mutilate rogues. The increase in speed for sprint means you have a better damage up time on encounters with target switching. Helping you get from a to b is always a damage increase even if you can’t see it on the spreadsheets. A must have for all rogues.

[Glyph of Feint]
This glyph focuses on allowing you to avoid heavy AoE and reduce your threat when necessary without deterring you too much from your rotation. Reducing the energy cost of feint could be very handy so you don’t waste too much energy when you nee dot get yourself out of a bind or in fights where heavy AoE damage could be fatal (HC Blood Queen for example). Definitely a glyph worth considering for a spare slot.

[Glyph of Cloak of Shadows]
This glyph focuses on damage reduction and would be particularly helpful on fights such as Heroic Sindragosa where we rogues need to pop our Cloak of Shadows ability often. However this is very situational dependant so make sure you have this glyph to hand and you’ll be able to switch out a lesser glyph such as Glyph of Feint or even Blade Flurry if it’s not needed, for this one on such fights.

Major Glyphs Summary


[Glyph of Sprint]

[Glyph of Blade Flurry]

[Glyph of Fan of Knives] or situational: [Glyph of Cloak of Shadows] or [Glyph of Feint]


[Glyph of Sprint]

[Glyph of Feint]

[Glyph of Fan of Knives] or situational: [Glyph of Cloak of Shadows] or [Glyph of Expose Armor]

Minor Glyphs

Unfortunately for Mutilate rogues the Glyph of Vanish has been removed. So essentially speaking the only 100% solid Minor glyph all rogues need is [Glyph of Safe Fall] to reduce extra falling damage in certain encounters. on a side note you may also wish to consider [Glyph of Poisons] for situational encounters such as the Lich King for rogues that need to switch to Crippling Poison on their weapons to slow down Val’kyr.

A Quick Note on Reforging

Now you have your glyphs sorted out I want to take a minute to talk about reforging. For a complete reforging guide see Reforge me a New One! over at PVE Rogues. To summarize:

What Reforging Does:

  1. Reforging a stat will only convert 40% of that stat to another stat of your choice.
  2. You can only reforge lesser stats such as: Hit, Expertise, Crit and Haste. You cannot reforge Agility.
  3. You can only add lesser stats from reforging too.
  4. Reforging will cost you every single time you do it the vendor cost of the item in question.
  5. You cannot reforge new stats onto gear that already exist on the item. For example, if you have 23 Haste and 23 Crit on your gear, you can reforge the Crit into Hit or Expertise but you cannot turn it into Haste.
Excerpt taken from

As a rogue the main stat you need to reforge is Critical Strike Rating. This is because this is the one Stat on your gear that has the lowest EP value (except for Mastery rating which we don’t have yet). As a rule of thumb you should always reforge all your gear. This will make a huge difference to your DPS overall. The order of reforging stats should be:

Expertise until capped (or extremely close) > Hit until Poison Capped > Hit (on gear that already has the haste stat on it) > Haste

Reforging your gear will therefore ensure you are safely above the poison hit cap and have as much haste as possible. When reforging your gear make sure you first reforge all gear with Haste on it already to obtain the expertise and hit caps before moving onto haste gear if needed. This will ensure you do not reforge items with hit that could be haste and end up after reaching your caps with gear that you cant reforge haste onto.

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