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Patch 4.0.1 – Concise Rogue Guide Level 80

Posted on: Oct 08, 2010 | Author: Garona

Patch 4.0.1 Rogue Guide

Before Cataclysm is released Blizzard will be launching Patch 4.0.1 to prepare us for this exciting expansion pack. Not only will we get to savour some delicious new quest lines about the Twilight Cultists and their plans to level our home cities but we will also have some time to get used to our new talent builds and abilities before Cataclysm is launched.

As far as rogues go no official theory crafting has yet been published and Aldriana has been taking a back seat to the discussions so far. That means it’s up to us to formulate a solid plan of action for raiding at level 80 with the new builds and abilities. Fear not though, because we’ve done all this leg work for you and this guide will take you through the basics to raiding at Level 80 in Patch 4.0.1.

Combat Talent Build

UPDATED: Level 80 Talent Build: Combat 2/31/3

This talent build can be modified slightly to suit your personal tastes or the types of raids you will be doing.  The main areas of change would be 2/2 [Recuperate] and 2/2 [Reinforced Leather], which are non DPS talents necessary for progressing down the combat talent tree. These can be placed anywhere in the combat tree you prefer as no other talents in the tree can improve DPS. This build has focused on survival which is particularly beneficial for heroic modes or other intense healing scenarios. It’s also a good basis for leveling 80-85 particularly if you are doing it solo without compromising your raiding ability before Cataclysm.

Mutilate Talent Build

Level 80 Talent Build: Mutilate 31/3/2

This build can be exchanged with: Mutilate 31/2/3 depending on the amount of hit you currently have on your rogue. With Mutilate rogues, hit tends to come much easier than combat rogues so it is likely if you are well geared that you will be able to go for the Mutilate 31/2/3 build instead. This again is your own personal choice so make sure you judge it carefully as to whether or not the extra 2% hit is going to wield more DPS for you than another point in [Relentless Strikes]. If your hit is low (i.e. just above the poison hit mark) stick to the basic Mutilate 31/3/2 as it is likely to be much more beneficial to you.

Some talent points within the Assassination tree are also interchangeable. It is strongly recommended you keep the 2/2 [Quickening] talent points as it will indirectly increase damage by increasing damage up time as well as improve survivability in intensive raids. However you may choose to move 1/2 [Deadened Nerves] if you so choose to. As far as level 80 raiding goes however, this is the standard best suitable talent make up.


Red Sockets – Agility (Delicate Cardinal Ruby)
Yellow Sockets – Agility & Haste (Deft Ametrine)
Blue Sockets – Agility & Hit (Glinting Dreadstone)

Agility will be our new number one stat as pure Attack Power and Armor Penetration are no longer available. Attack power and crit will be gained through Agility only and haste will become much more valuable to both Mutilate Rogues and Combat rogues as it effects our Energy Regen. So far initial theory crafting has placed haste caps at 7,000% so currently there is no limit to the amount of haste you can stack as a rogue. However, Agility will remain our number one stat and will come as top priority for all sockets.

Additionally, Hit rating has now become a blue gem allowing us to place mixed Agility and Hit (Glinting Dreadstone) gems in our blue sockets. This will prove much more useful to us and hopefully mean more socket bonuses are kept and not ignored. However this also means you can expect a massive regem when Patch 4.0.1 is launched as your socket bonuses and gems may be completely mixed up (in particular combat rogues).

Armor Penetration

This stat is being completely removed from the game. Rogues will no longer be able to stack any amount of Armor Penetration and all Armor Penetration that currently exists in the game will be converted into Critical Strike Rating. This means many combat rogues will have an excess of Crit at level 80 and this will need minimising as soon as possible. If you have a spare Mutilate gear set get it out ready for the patch as it will be much easier to balance stats and regem than your combat set.

Combat Max DPS Rotation

* 3 x SS
* SnD
* 4 x SS
* 1 x RvS
* Eviscerate
* 5 x SS
* SnD
* repeat from 4 x SS

This rotation factors in our new combo point generating ability [Revealing Strike] (RvS). In order to prevent an RvS where it is not necessary and to prevent RvS timing out at low energy levels the rotation places RvS as the last combo point in our rotation. So far it has been suggested that if a 2 combo point Sinister Strike lands at the 4 combo point mark (making 5 combo points before an RvS) then it is still beneficial to use one RvS even though your combo points are full so that the buff from RvS can be used. Never use an RvS when you are refreshing your Slice and Dice as RvS is weaker than Sinister Strike and does not affect SnD in any way. Do not forget to use Tricks of the Trade on every cool down.

Mutilate Max DPS Rotation

*Vendetta & Tricks of the Trade
*1 x Mutilate
*2 x Mutilate
*if target < 35% Health: 5 x Backstab, else 2 x Mutilate
*if target < 35% Health: 5 x Backstab, else 2 x Mutilate
*if Rupture < 11 seconds Rupture, else repeat from Envenom.

This rotation looks a lot more complicated than we are used to seeing with Mutilate rogues. The good news is [Vendetta] (the new HfB) does not require a bleed effect to activate. Make sure you keep Vendetta refreshed throughout the fight and try not to clip it by more than a second or two. This means Mutilate rogues will have a lot more interesting things to do instead of the cool downs that Combat rogues enjoy.

The rotation is basically the same as it has always been, simply make sure you keep Rupture up as well on your target and keep refreshing SnD by using Envenom at 4 or 5 point combos. Additionally, when your target is below 35% your backstab ability is suddenly much more powerful so if you are in a boss fight where you are naturally behind your target you can start using Backstab instead of Mutilate at this point. Remember to always keep your Tricks of the Trade ability on cool down just like combat rogues, and use Vanish and Garrote on every cool down too in order to activate your Overkill ability.


There are lots of changes going on at the moment with rogues as you can see and it will take a long time to get used to them and to iron out all the wrinkles. Topics such as glyphs are still very much up in the air at the moment and it could take some time before the final values are released. As with all new expansions and patches where the mechanics are modified you can expect to see yet more changes popping up as time goes on so make sure you keep checking back for updates and new information. In the meantime this is a solid base to begin your new raiding lives at Level 80 and hopefully you will get all you need to get done before the Expansion Cataclysm is finally launched on 7th December 2010.

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