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Restoration Shaman – PVE Healing Bloodlord Mandokir in Zul’Gurub – 4.1

Posted on: May 14, 2011 | Author: Savoire

With 4.1 going live, Restoration Shamans now have the added challenges of healing a new dungeon. The new Zul’Gurub is filled with bosses and mini-bosses. It is a level 85 heroic dungeon with bosses dropping level 353 epic items.

You’ll need to have an average item level requirement of 346 to join the dungeon queue. To finish the entire dungeon, be prepared to spend 2-3 hours.

After Venoxis – the Mandokir Boulder Hill

Once your group has successfully downed High Priest Venoxis, you will leave his area and go up the hill. Be careful, however! There is a very steep hill with huge boulders hurtling down it. If you just run up the hill, you will probably be squashed, receiving around 30,000 damage and a knockback effect.

The boulders can be avoided. As a healer, it is best to stay with the tank because when he reaches the top, he will engage the mob who was throwing the boulders. You could wait until the tank has engaged the mob and the boulders have stopped falling in order to run up the hill without danger, but the tank – and possibly any unlucky dps – will likely be dead.

Mandokir Trash

Your group can just dps the trash here if they are able to. Be warned if they take this approach – you will probably need mana breaks between each group as the healing is much more intense without crowd control. If your party uses crowd control, the groups will be very easy.

The cauldron for the trash mobs is a Frost Cauldron which helps with the crowd control (CC) if your party needs a little extra assistance.  If a party member has the frost cauldron buff and hits a mob, it will freeze it.

Healing the Bloodlord Mandokir Encounter

Players will be killed during the fight as a planned mechanic, so don’t blame yourself if someone dies.  You still need to heal people and to keep them alive when you can.  As a healer, you can also be killed and will have to wait for one of the spirt priests to resurrect you.

There are 8 Chained Spirits, so there can be up to 8 deaths with free resurrections.  Each time someone is resurrected, Mandokir goes up a level and his damage increases.  If you use all of the resurrections, he will be very hard to survive as he will be able to one-shot most tanks.

Additionally, Mandokir’s raptor, Ohgan will kill the spirit priests reducing the number of times people can get a free resurrection.  The party will need to kill Ohgan, then hit the boss.  Mandokir will resurrect Ohgan, and the party will have to kill the raptor again.

Mandokir puts Bloodletting on a random player, which drains 50% of the player’s health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.  Mandokir gets healed for the amount he drains.  Do not heal the player until after the Bloodletting is done unless the player gets below 5K health.  The lower the player’s health is, the less total health Mandokir receives from the drain.  When Bloodletting is over, be ready to heal the player up very quickly.

The other main mechanic is Devastating Slam.  A triangle shaped wedge of the  ground will rumble, spikes will emerge, and the area will turn red.   You will have time to run out of the area before it does damage.  If a player doesn’t stop what they are doing and move immediately, they will be caught in it and likely die.

More Healing Tips for the Resto Shaman

The tank is immune to the one-shot kill mechanic, but as the healer, you are still vulnerable to it.  Expect you will get hit at the worst possible time and heal like crazy.  Keep everyone at full health, use your heals over time and your totems.  Earth shield should always be on the tank, keep using Riptide and Unleash Elements.  Healing surge is also good in this fight.

Do not worry about mana here.  If you don’t die, the party should need little emergency healing.  If you do die, your health and mana will be brought back to full when the troll priest resurrects you.  As long as the dps is doing their job, this is a fairly easy fight to heal.  The main thing is to be aware of the mechanics and to remain calm even though it feels like failure to have people in the party suddenly die.

The early part of the fight, before Mandokir gets a chance to level much, should be easy healing.  Feel free to put some damage on Oghan or the boss if you feel comfortable with the fight.  Be aware that each time he yells, “Ding!” that his damage will increase and your healing will have to increase as well.

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