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Rogue Enchants, Gems and Consumables – 4.0.3a

Posted on: Jan 14, 2011 | Author: Garona

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Rogue Gems Enchants and Consumables

Maximising your DPS first starts with knowing your class inside out including talent builds, glyphs and reforging. In addition to this you may also wish to make sure you have the very best enchants and gems in your rogue’s gear as well as the best buff food and flasks at your disposal. All of these things add up to great DPS for your rogue if done correctly.


The following is the general rule of thumb for gemming your rogue’s gear according to the socket colour:

Red Sockets: [Delicate Inferno Ruby] or [Delicate Chimera's Eye] (JC Only)
Yellow Sockets:
[Deft Ember Topaz] (Combat, Subtlety) or [Adept Ember Topaz] (Mutilate)
Blue Sockets:
[Glinting Demonseye]
Meta Socket: [Thundering Skyflare Diamond] (temporary) [Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond] (when fixed)

For any remaining hit or expertise required use reforging and gear to obtain these values. You may wish to ignore socket bonuses in some cases and use only [Delicate Inferno Ruby] instead in some of your gear items. To work out if this would be a benefit or a loss use the rogue EP values to determine the value of the gems with or without the socket bonus. Whether or not a socket bonus will be worth it is different with each individual gear item.


Flasks[Flask of the Winds]
Make sure you always have a flask active on your rogue during raiding. They persist through death and provide the best stats in the game so even though they may seem expensive at the moment compared to elixirs they are definitely worth the cost. If you guild has the appropriate achievement you may be able to use a Cauldron for raids instead which will provide the same flask.

Food - [Skewered Eel]
Always bring your own food with you to raids and ensure it is 90 Agility and not 60. Even if your raid leader provides equivalent feasts, you may not always get the feast throughout your raid especially if you die on your own on trash.

Potions[Potion of the Tol'vir]
This potion can be used once during a raid encounter instead of a health potion. This potion will maximise your DPS during burn phases and should be timed with Heroism/Bloodlust/Timewarp wherever possible to get the most benefit.

Scrolls – None
Scrolls are weak compared to other buffs and do not stack with Kings/GotW. They therefore have no use in raids.

Drums[Drums of Forgotten Kings]
If your raid does not have a Druid or a Paladin present you may wish to consider using these drums to give your raid an extra buff. However, if a druid or paladin is present these drums should not be used at all as they are inferior to the actual class buffs.


This is a full comprehensive list of the best enchants for a rogue given all the very best enchants in the game currently. Some of these may be more difficult to obtain than others.

Head: [Arcanum of Ramkahen] (Revered Ramkahen)
Shoulders: [Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal] (Exalted Therazane)
Chest: [Peerless Stats]
Back: [Greater Critical Strike] (Mutilate, Combat) or [Major Agility] (Subtlety)
Wrists: [Greater Speed]
Hands: [Haste] (Combat, Subtlety) or [Greater Mastery] (Mutilate)
Waist: [Ebonsteel Belt Buckle]
Legs: [Dragonscale Leg Armor]
Feet: [Major Agility] or [Assassin's Step]
Weapon1: [Landslide]
Weapon2: [Landslide]

For those of you that cannot yet afford maelstrom crystals, you may wish to make the following substitutions for your enchants at the moment:

Chest: [Mighty Stats]
Back: [Major Agility]
Wrists: [Haste]
Weapon1: [Hurricane]
Weapon2: [Hurricane]

Some professions also have additional enchants that are superior to the ones shown here. Make sure you check what extra bonuses your professions give to your rogue and how you can use them to your advantage. Remember to compare EP values to find out which bonuses are worth using and which should be ignored.

Resto Druid Level 85 PVE Builds

Posted on: Dec 14, 2010 | Author: Garona

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Restoration Druid Builds

As a restoration druid you may already know very well how flexible a healers talent build can be. Many people adapt and play with their talents builds as restoration in order to fulfill their specific needs. This post will guide you few some of the build choices available and what they are used for.

Resto 10/0/31

This build concentrates on raid healing duties with some tank support. The main abilities this build boosts are Rejuvenation and Regrowth as well as heavily concentrating on mana regen. This build is a good choice when you are raid healing as a resto druid but may be considered a little weaker in heroics or for tank healing. It is also a good choice if you are having mana issues.

Resto 8/0/33

This build is more balanced between raid healing and tank healing but does not provide any mana regen. It is best to use this build if you do not suffer from mana issues in intensive encounters. If you are comfortable with your mana this build is excellent to provide an all round healing experience but does not include magic dispelling capabilities.

Resto 7/0/34

This build is also recommend for players who are not currently suffering mana issues. This build is balanced to provide both raid healing and tank healing abilities but with no personal mana regen. However, this build does include the raid mana regen buff Revitalise as well as adding Magic dispel to your remove corruption ability. This makes this build perfect for raids where the balance of classes is uncertain in every raid.

Resto 8/2/31

This build has a strong mana regen focus but sacrifices useful extra abilities such as magic dispel and Nature’s Swiftness.

Resto 8/2/31Recommended Starting Build

This build cuts back on some of the talents that have a smaller impact in order to create a build that provides aspects of raid healing, heroic healing, raid utility and some mana regen. It a great starting point if you are unsure what would be most suitable for your restoration druid yet and is an all round good build for most situations.

Which Build is Best?

None of these builds should be considered best of them all. Some people may prefer a slightly different arrangement of talent points to suit their healing style or their guild healing needs. If you are just starting out, I recommend you start off with the  Resto 8/2/31 build and then tweak it as you discover what you need out of your resto druid. Unlike DPS classes who have a clear set path for maximising damage, healing is much more complex and individual so don’t be afraid to test out your build and change a few point locations.

Hunter Level 85 PVE Builds

Posted on: Dec 06, 2010 | Author: Shambels

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Level 85 Hunter Builds

With the release of Cataclysm we are provided with 5 more talent points to spend within our talent trees. Below are outlined the current recommended level 85 raiding and levelling hunter builds devised by Frostheim from Hunters Union. You will notice that with the shortened talent trees in Cataclysm, Blizzard has given us less choice and flexibility with our builds and as a result there are really not that many options to choose from, making most of our choices obvious.

Please note that as with everything in this early stage of the expansion all builds are still subject to minor change.


Marksmanship Level 85 Raiding Build – 8/31/2

Level 85 Marksman Raiding Build

Arguably the highest dps build at the cost of the most challenging rotation.  It is recommended that if you struggle to master this rotation, then spec Survival as the easier Survival rotation will output more dps then a poorly executed MM rotation. Once we get to the bottom of the MM tree we see most benefit to our raiding build coming from the BM tree. Frenzy boosts our pet attack speed by 30% providing a nice contribution to our dps. We grab the somewhat lackluster talents One with Nature and Bestial Discipline to get down to Frenzy. 1 point is put into Resistance is Futile as the best dps filler option to keep going down the MM tree. Marked for Death although a purely situational talent is very handy in maintaining your Hunter’s Mark when target switching. While haste is proving to not be a great stat for MM hunters, Pathing seems to be the best option for your last two points, with possibly Bombardment being its only contender.


Survival Level 85 Raiding Build – 1/9/31

Level 85 Survival Raiding Build

Survival Hunters are looking very promising at level 85. Once we get to the bottom of the SV tree we see most benefit to our raiding build coming from the MM tree. Sic’EM looks to be a very desirable talent, as does Careful Aim with it’s 60% crit increase to Cobra Shot (which we will be using a fair bit). There is a degree of flexibitity with some of our Survival talents and that will come down to personal preference. For example some players may prefer grabbing Survival Tactics for the Disengage cooldown reduction instead of two points in Hunter vs Wild. Similarly some players may grab two points in Serpent Spread for the added effect on trash, removing the point out of Bestial Discipline which is a better single target choice.


Beast Mastery Level 85 Raiding Build – 31/9/1

Level 85 Beast Mastery Raiding Build

Beast Mastery Hunters remain as the pet spec focusing on Kill Command as its signature attack. Once we get to the bottom of the BM tree we see most benefit to our raiding build coming from the MM tree. In fact it’s the same MM talents taken in the SV build. It is still unknown how BM hunter’s will match up with the other builds, but hopefully Beast Mastery will prove to be a solid build at level 85.


Marksmanship Leveling Build – 7/31/3

Level 85 Marksman Leveling Build


In Cataclysm we see a new leveling build rise. Historically Beast Mastery has been the leveling spec of choice due to its pet enhancing talents. With Cataclysm and its smaller talent trees the pet difference is no longer as great. Furthermore with glyphs such as Glyph of Misdirection we do not have to worry about our pet’s ability to hold aggro anymore. The main advantages of the above MM leveling build over other builds is that you can pretty much DPS non stop, without having to worry about your focus, due to the instant focus regen provided by Rapid Recuperation. This build also provides the best survivability through Chimera Shot which is the largest self heal available to hunters, and the passive Spirit Bond talent.

Rotation for this build is very simple. You use -
Misdirection on your pet –>Chimera Shot or Arcane Shot –> dead.
Initially when you start leveling from 80 to 85 mobs will go down very fast (one-two shots) so there is probably no point in even using Misdirection until you get to the higher level mobs.

Rogue Level 85 PVE Builds

Posted on: Dec 06, 2010 | Author: Garona

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Rogue 85 Builds

With the launch of Cataclysm you will no doubt want to get your rogue up to Level 85 straight away to start on the new Cataclysm content and experience all new heroic dungeons and raids. There are three main talent builds you may wish to consider using at Level 85 and each depends on your play style and requirements.Each talent build is subject to change in the future as we discover more about how rogues perform at Level 85 in Level 85 gear. However, this is a good starting point for any rogue who wants to maximise their DPS at Level 85.

Combat Max DPS Build

Combat rogues do not use stealth in combat, they are exceptionally good at multiple targets and fights that require a lot of target switching and can easily switch rotations to suit the fight needs.

Combat Level 85 Build 7/31/3

This build has 4 changeable talent points that must remain in the Combat section of the tree in order to progress further down it. These talent points are currently in [Reinforced Leather] and [Improved Recuperate] to improve survivability which is also beneficial whilst leveling your rogue from 80 to 85. This build focuses on more Eviscerate Damage as opposed to more combo point generation and keeps the original 3/3 [Relentless Strikes] for energy regains.

Assassination Max DPS Build

Assassination rogues open up combat with stealth and rely heavily on poison damage. Assassination rogues excel particularly well at single target fights.

Mutilate Level 85 Build 31/2/8

You will notice this talent build has only 2/3 [Precision]. This is particularly useful when you first hit Level 85 and your main activity is grinding heroic dungeons where less hit is needed. However, this does mean that once you start raiding you will need to keep a closer eye on your hit levels than other rogues because you start out with much less. This build also places 2 of the 3 changeable talent points into 2/2 [Quickening] on the basis that is will help improve damage up time instead of DPS and it also leaves Mutilate rogues free to skip out on speed enchants in favour of more DPS beneficial ones.

This build also has two points in [Nightstalker] which is another talent that does not affect DPS This is in order to progress further down the Subtlety Tree to the true goal of 3/3 [Opportunity].

Subtlety – Rotation Help Build

Subtlety Rogues use quite a complex rotation in PVE with a long ramp up time. This means they are better suited to single target fights. They also use Stealth and a wide variety of abilities.

Subtlety Level 85 Build 0/10/31

This build focuses on perfecting the Subtlety Rotation by obtaining [Improved Slice and Dice] in order to make the rotation more manageable. Unlike the Level 80 build this talent build focuses entirely on the Combat Tree once the Subtlety tree is completed in order to obtain 3/3 [Aggression] and keep 3/3 [Precision] to make raiding hit easier to obtain. This build is one of the more flexible and debated builds within the rogue community.

Subtlety Max DPS Build

Subtlety Level 85 Build 8/2/31

This build almost entirely ignores the Combat Tree in favour of my direct DPS enhancing talent points in Assassination. However it does still maintain 2/3 [Precision] to allow you to more easily reach (or close in on) the poison hit cap. This is the build for raiding subtlety rogues who are very comfortable with their rotation.

Which Build is the Best?

When your target mob is above 35% health Combat rogues are the top DPS build. However once the target mob falls below 35% Mutilate rogues have a significant upper hand by 15% damage. This evens out to roughly make Mutilate the top DPS Build with Combat and extremely close second. However, because Combat is more suitable to tricky raid situations than Mutilate is, Combat will usually be stronger in these fights and you will often see these two builds switching places throughout the raid. This means both Combat and Mutilate are viable raid PVE builds at level 85. Subtlety rogues however fall below both Mutilate and Combat rogues as well as having a unique and difficult rotation with a lengthy ramp up time. This means Subtlety, while much better now in PVE is still not a reasonable raiding choice for maximising DPS.

Concise Holy Paladin Guide – 4.0.3

Posted on: Nov 19, 2010 | Author: Recrypt

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This article describes the changes to the Holy Paladin present in 4.0.3 (and 4.0.1). There have been significant changes, see the previous discussion article for more information on the ideas behind these, read on for a list of changes/spells/rotations/(PVE) build and Glyphs.

Headline changes to holy paladins in 4.0.3

Changes that directly affect play

  • Beacon of Light (BoL) has been nerfed with the healing transferred to the beaconed target down from 100% to 50% this is part of a change to the way paladins are intended to be played see discussion article. It is also worth considering healing the beaconed target now as it can boost Holy Power (see below).
  • Seal of wisdom has been removed replaced with Seal of Insight (returns 4% of base mana down from 4% of maximum mana).
  • Sacred shield has been removed and is now part of the mastery for the holy spec (i.e. you get a passive ability Illuminated Healing when you choose holy as your first talent tree). When you heal someone they get given a shield which is a percentage of the heal and scales with mastery (8% at zero mastery). This shield is another reason to consider healing the beaconed target.
  • AoE healing. We now have two aoe spells Holy Radiance (HR) and Light of Dawn (LoD ), though Holy Radiance is reserved for lvl 85. Light of Dawn is an instant cast cone heal. Holy Radiance is a more classic aoe heal which heals people in an area.
  • Holy Power has been added, this is built by either casting Holy Shock or direct heals on the beaconed target (with the right talent choices) and stacks up to 3 charges. These charges can be released to heal a target for an instant heal using up any stored charges but costing zero mana.
  • Mana regeneration has been changed, not only has seal of wisdom been removed but spirit is now beneficial to the paladin in terms of regeneration. Also Divine Plea (DP) has changed, CD now 2 mins and mana returned is down from 25% to 10%. It is important to note that Divine Plea still reduces healing by 50% so Blizzard intend the paladin to have to think about when to use it.
  • Healing spells have changed, see the section below on Healing Changes. In short we shouldn’t spam Flash of Light anymore as mana is an issue and spamming Holy Light will be mana efficient but people will die as healing is low, which is bad.
  • Healing spell rotations are pretty much situation and CD based now rather than headroll, see below section on Healing Changes.

Changes that indirectly affect play

  • Specializations – choosing holy gives the paladin (all are listed for completness)
    • Holy Shock, instant heal on CD of a few seconds can also be used to do damage
    • Meditation, allows 50% of mana regen from spirit to continue while in combat. Means spirit IS useful now.
    • Walk in the Light, increases healing by 15%.
    • Illuminated Healing, your healing spells place a shield on your target absorbing damage for 6s, scales with mastery.
  • Blessings have been changed.  Wisdom has been removed and might now also increases mp5.
  • Forbearance is still present but only for targets of Divine Shield, Lay on hands and Hand of Protection.
  • Haste, this has changed again. To get down to 1s cast on Flash of Light and a 1s global CD a fully raid buffed pala would need 1019 haste. To be honest I would hold off changing lots of gems/enchants until lvl 85 as the cost benefit depends on rotations/mana which won’t be known till then.
  • Divine Protection has had its CD and damage reduction halved.

Example build

Solid PVE healing build 31/5/0 – [thanks to lusitano for pointing out initial pic was of daybreak test build, this build puts full points into daybreak and judgements of the pure]

This PVE build simply takes talents that boost healing and provide the most useful procs. Talents that are do not mainly boost healing are skipped.

Healing changes

All healing classes have been given (or spells changed to reflect) at least 3 specific healing spells in 4.0.1 and 4.0.3

  • Efficiency, the efficient heal. For paladins this is Holy Light, this represents a change as the healing is now low but the mana requirement is extremely low (so its efficient but with a long cast time). Holy Shock and Word of Glory are also efficient but are both instant cast.
  • Speed, the fast heal. For paladins this is Flash of Light as one would expect. This is a change in that the mana cost is rather high. Spam this now and you will run out of mana.
  • Throughput, the big heal. For paladins this is Divine Light, it is similar to what Holy Light used to be. Its not as fast as Flash of Light but heals for a lot and costs reasonable mana.

Paladins also have two instant heals

  • Holy Shock – this functions similarly to how it used to function. It is cheap and causes a buff that increases casting speed for 5 seconds (30% increase, so worth it).
  • Word of Glory – uses Holy Power instead of mana (i.e. is free to cast), similar in use to Holy Shock but doesn’t proc buffs.

Paladins now have two aoe heals

  • Light of Dawn is an instant cast cone heal. It is quite mana efficient if cast on a group needing healing and it is an interesting spell, see below section on New Paladin Niche.
  • Holy Radiance is a more classic aoe heal which heals people in an area. This is only available at lvl 85 so is not covered in more detail at this time (4.0.3).

The change to Beacon of Light means it is worth considering healing the beaconed target for the following three reasons.

  • With only 50% healing the target could die without direct healing.
  • Direct heals will result in max shield procs (Illuminated Healing) on the target.
  • Holy Light can be gained by direct heals to the beaconed target with the right talents.

Spell rotations

Given the general healing changes it is worth knowing which spells are intended for different situations, headrol spamming Flash of Light or Holy Light on a non beaconed target is no longer a generic answer to most healing situations. CD’s are also important as mana is intended to become a potential issue for all healers past 4.0.1 (apparently its dull if you can ignore mana, there is some truth in this).

CD’s are

Light damage, e.g. when damage is not heavy or when you need to hold off on mana usage. Logical rotations to try are based on efficient spells (Holy Shock, Word of Glory and Holy Light), for example,

Medium damage, e.g. when some Flash of Lights are required in order to maintain healing or when multiple targets need healing.

Heavy damage, e.g. when mana is not important, this will drain mana if Flash of Light is used, could be replaced with Divine Light maybe (I haven’t had time to test).

Gear will effect the details of how much each spell heals, so test rotations to find optimum for your gear/play style. It is likely that Blizzard intend Divine Light to be used for long high damage battles rather than Flash of Light. The benefit of Flash of Light is less delay to landing heals and more Daybreak procs (Daybreak is flat 20% chance for all 3 non instant direct heals so the faster the spell the more often it should proc ignoring internal timers). One will have to test hps to see if how much difference this makes, again it could well depend on gear.

A note on Mana Regeneration

Healing like in pre 4.0.1 with Flash of Light spam will almost certainly run the paladin right out of mana. Paladins now benefit from spirit (Meditation), do not ignore this. Divine Plea is intended to be an option (see discussion above in the section Changes that Directly Affect Play) but one with negatives as well as positives, the aim here appears to make its use require thought and therefore have more fun with less headrol play.

New Paladin Niche

Paladin healers are no longer intended to be the “Main Tank” healers, the new roll blizzard have in mind is a more generic healer summed up by the following. See the discussion article for more information.

  • We are the only healing class with plate armour.
  • We are one of only two healing class’s that can use a shield.
  • Beacon still means we have a nice dual target healing ability.
  • We now have both AOE and single target heals.

Paladin healers are supposed to be able to heal anything now, tanks or raids. The important thing to note is that along with positive things like aoe heals and Holy Power blizzard have nerfed the single/dual target healing and MT healing by reducing the Beacon of Light buff to 50% from 100%.

One interesting side effect of this new role (a generic healer) is that paladins are supposed to be able to be in the action. This can be seen from spells like Light of Dawn where the paladin must position according to distance/direction to multiple targets. This is reasonable as the Paladin will be in Plate armour and carrying a shield so there is much less need to position them far away at max range than for example cloth users.


Armor specialization (all plate) grants 5% int, usually worth it. As for gems/enchants int is an ok choice however mana could be an issue in which case spirit is now actually useful.

Glyphs – Recommended glyphs are in bold

Prime Glyphs – Glyph of Divine Favor (increased duration). Glyph of Holy Shock (increased crit). Glyph of Seal of Insight (increased healing while active). Glyph of Word of Glory (Increased healing).

Major GlpyhsGlyph of Beacon of Light (increased duration). Glyph of Cleansing (reduces cost). Glyph of Divine Plea (increased mana return). Glyph of Divinity (mana back from Lay on hands). Glyph of Light of Dawn (Decreased CD and reduces healing). Glyph of the Long Word (converts some direct healing to heal over time).

Minor Glyph(s)Lay on hands (reduces CD), others reduce mana cost of specific spells cast out of combat and therefore make little real difference to anything.


If there seem to be a lot of changes that dont make sense, have a look at the discussion article. It seems Blizzard do have a plan for holy paladins, its not what it was pre 4.0.1 but its still a [cunning] plan!